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The Golf Club and Castle Hills

I am a golf course superintendent. Before I called Texas Fire Ant Control, fire ants were a huge problem on our course. Their technician treated the entire course and i couldn’t be more pleased. After just the first treatment, all of the ants were controlled. The course is treated every six months and our ant problem has been solved.

JAL West Ranch

I am a rancher and raise my own hay. Fire ants had become a problem, especially in my hay fields where the mounds would clog up my cutter blades. I used Texas Fire Ant Control to treat my entire place and after 40 days, and following the recommended treatment plan, I haven’t seen a ant. Great product and safe for my animals!

Troy and Mary Gibbs

We are so pleased with the job TFAC dos for us. Prior to using them, we had ants in loafing sheds, around the barn, places we tied horses, in the dog house – basically everywhere. After the first treatment, ants were GONE! After a few months, we saw jut a few in a sandy spot and TFAC came back and treated that area and we haven’t had ants in three years.

Bobby & Verdonna Durham

This amazing product is the best we have ever tried. NO MORE fire ants with the treatment every six months. Truly works – completely!